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Coco's Castle...

Coco's Castle was originally made in January of 1998. It was the first web page I ever attempted to design. I have to admit looking back that I made many, many beginners mistakes. I was not sure how to write html so therefore I used Tripods beginners page.

The first pages of Coco's Castle were all dedicated to animals, including fish, birds, dogs and cats. There was one memorial page which I believe was my best page. It was dedicated to Tiffaney, the Maltease Poodle.

It had a chat room that was hardley ever used and a link to my Titanic page. There was even tarrot cards mentioned on my first page with links to horoscopes and compatability charts, which were nice.

Actually the first Coco's Castle was never completed to satisfaction. Then in November of '98 I began a new page, called "Kitten's Castle"....

That is when things began to change with my experiences with html.






I soon purchased Paint pro 5 and animatiion Shop and began making my own designs. I began learning about applets and java script and soon found out I could stop people from stealing my images.

I hope you enjoy the new and improved Coco's Castle, it is being dedicated to my Coco Bear who past away in January of 1999. It was a tragic loss for me and my family and we still miss and love him very much.

Any suggestions that you may have are always welcomed.

Enjoy your stay at the New and Improved "Coco's Castle and as always please sign the guestbook and bookmark us for further visits.


Thank you

Deborah Martin


This Cross is dedicated to ones that I have loved and are not with me today. I have lost many in the past few months that I miss dearly. Please God take care of my precious friends: Coco Bear, Tiffaney, Connie Newsome Carrol, and Joel Dwayne Spradlin,