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Welcome to

"Coco's fantasy Land"

Of Faries


The Fairies have many friends

through out the Kingdom

and we wanted to give you the

opportunity to meet some of our

closet friends...


This is Bonnie,

The fairy GodMother

to all the fairies...

Cheerie is the

watermelon fairy child

in our village...



These sweethearts

are almost extict in the world,

but we love them in "Coco's Fantasy Land"


Meet Sylvia

The Fairies

Moon Goddess

Isn't she beautiful

This is Sally, she is

Sandi's sister and she loves to paint.

She is a very dear friend to the fairies...

This is Peachy Priscilla


This kitty, Evalyn

is the Fairy Mascot....

The Fairies have Fairy dust all over

the village, would you like to have some?

Last we would like for you to meet

three of the Fairies best friends.




Pinky Leigh

and their pets..

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