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Welcome to Cocos Castle's very own Record Hall of Fame. After seeing 1 year of pets in "Cocos Little Angel Pet Contest", we feel that it is time that we begin recording some of the record breaking events that takes place here at Cocos Castle.

You will find an assortment of "Measurement Mixtures" as you continue through out our page. We will reveal to you, the largest dog, and the smallest cat. You will learn which dog has the longest tooth, and which cat has the longest tail. You will also be able to view the cutest pets photo, and much, much more!!!

If you would like to fill out our survey to try in Cocos Castle's Measurement Mixtures Record Hall of Fame, then please email me at the button below.


Please choose a category above, and we will be adding New Measurements as they come in. Please be accurate in your measurements, and you will be receiving a free button with your pet's picture on it showing the category they won and a certificate if your pet measures up!!


Good Luck to all of you, and I hope to see you in our
Record Hall of Fame!!!


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