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Voting Problems


If you have a problem with voting you may use the form below to cast you vote. If you are an Aol or Webtv user you may have trouble voting. You must always check to make sure there is something in the subject line, please use to form below to send your vote to me so that I can add your vote manually. Only use the help form if you absolutely can not get to our web site.

You Must Fill In All Fields for your Vote To Count. If all required fields are not filled out , I won't count your vote. If I receive duplicate votes, then only the first is counted and the others are trashed.

You do not use this form to enter your pet in our contest. To Enter a pet email the photo of your pet, pets name and a Title to with Pet Contest in Subject line!



Which Contestant are Your Voting for? **REQUIRED

Your Name? **REQUIRED

Your Email Address? **REQUIRED

Web Page Address?

Reason you are using the Help Form? ***REQUIRED


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