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Welcome to Coco's Castle first Scavenger Hunt!

Here is the Websites that you will be able to find the eggs on!

The Hunt will take place the week of March 25 - 30!


Make sure you search each website, you will find one egg per website. After you find the egg, you MUST sign the guestbook. You must use the name you registered with me and you MUST coment on something about the page the egg was found on. So that we know that you did find the egg.

If there is no guestbook, then email the owner of the page and tell them the page you found the egg on.


First person Completes Scavenger Hunt ---------A PET TOY!

Everyone who completes Scavenger Hunt ---------- A Pet Car

Everyone who attempts Scavenger Hunt ---- Glitter Animation Name


  1. Coco's Castle

  2. Judy's LuvKitty's Castle

  3. LuvKitty's Emporium

  4. Candyland Kennal

  5. Sandra's Crafts

  6. Sandra's Baking page

  7. Hot Digity Dawg Photo Contest

  8. Windy's Fan Club

  9. Jan's Picture Gallary

  10. Pekepal Convention

  11. Little Angel Pet Stories

  12. Princess and Ramsey's Friend

  13. Goliath's Closet

  14. RayCats

  15. Lost and Hound Pet Rescue

  16. Misty's Easter Page for Coco's Castle

  17. Candys World

  18. Trinket Welcomes You

  19. Dog's Restaurant Alert

  20. Ceja's Chihuahuas

  21. Erin's Guinea Pig Page

  22. Madam's Alto Cat House

  23. LabraDox Land

  24. Grace O' My Sunshine

  25. Sable's Page

  26. Leah Online

  27. The Cats Meow

  28. Michelle's

  29. Candy and Trinkets Page

  30. Tena's Photo Impact Page

  31. Maltese Lovers

  32. Lucy and Beau's


Email me with any questions