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Meet the Angels


Here is Ali, he came into a house with 15 cats and had to be a good fighter to let them know he was going to stay too! lol There never have been any fights, but Ali is the top guy around here. I found him in my yard and he is devoted and loving and almost two. He is the only one allowed outside, not part of my previous litters, but just as much part of my family! I love them all!

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She is a very proper Blenhiem little lady born July 1st, thank you very much

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Here is Buster a 4 year old Shih Tzu.

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Pom was rescued from the animal shelter after spending many years in a kennel. When I first brought him home he was very timid but now he enjoys cuddling, playing and I think he likes having his picture taken!

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Rocky Raccoon

This is my 6 month old Shih Tzu Rocky Raccoon.

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This is Scooter. He is a red miniature dachshund, he's 4 years old and we live in Irving, TX

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My beloved Simba cuddled inside a shoe, what a character. Simba passed at 5 years old from a sudden heart attack. Found him in a driveway abandoned at the age of two weeks, bottle fed him until he could terrorize Friskie Moolie-Moo, Raisa and Gorby! He loved when I whistled Frank Sinatra, New York New York, he would roll and roll and roll! !

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Squishee is a Male Virgo Pug living in Miami, FL. His birthday is September 18, 2001. He loves to sleep, eat, and wrestle. This clown Loves giving kisses and getting piggy-back rides. Looking for a female Pug who likes to wrestle and clown around just as much as he does.

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