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I have to admit no one is more skeptical when it comes to the internet then me. When someone would say that they were making money or winning prizes I found it difficult to believe them. Now I am a BELIEVER!!! 

What me believe? I thought I had nothing to lose. So I filled out a few surveys and met the minimum payout and just see for myself what would happen. What happened? I got PAID!!!  I also won prizes.

I have to admit it can get boring, but who couldn't use a couple hundred dollars extra each month.  You won't get rich, but it can help pay bills. It has helped me Christmas shop too!  I ordered gifts for my kids for Christmas last year and I didn't even have to pay shipping! Just try it, I think you will be surprised. Also always remember you NEVER have to pay anything!!
Proof will be updated December, 2012 with new checks and new merchandise photos

I have earned over 300.00 total at CashCrate!! 
Cash out is $20.00. I have been paid here every month since I joined!


Earn points to exchange for merchandise at

This is where I earned the Sing and Go Choo Choo, Blues Clues merchandise and 
even a case of bathroom paper!!



I earned over 40.00 the first month!! 25.00 is Cash Out!! Adds up Quick!
I have earned a lot here!

 Free Money at FusionCash!


Send Earnings sends out daily emails and you simply read them and get paid for it. Cash out is 30.00
I have been paid here once!


Inbox sends out daily emails and you read them and get paid for it. Cash out is 30.00
I have been paid here once. 


You can earn gift cards and now cash at Creation Rewards
I have earned a 25.00 gift card here. This is a great site!

They send you emails and you just read it. Waiting to cash out for first time!  

Feel Free to Post my Banner!!

Make Money without paying anything. Free, you can get paid. See proof that I have been paid

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