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Thank you for the warming of my feet in the winter,

putting up with using you as a pillow lying in the grass,

those obedience classes you thought you didn't need,

the kids giving you lovins when you'd rather stay asleep.  


Thank you for the barks of alarm when trouble was near,

the tattling when the kids were going to leave the yard.

The joy of the blowong coat in the summer

seeing your fur cover the grass like snow.  

Thank you for letting me drag you for walks,

For all the holes you dug,

the ear mites we tried to fight and the fun of letting me chase you with drops,

and darn the pesky leaves going across the yard that scared you to death.  


Thank you for the huge hugs you gave,

the wet kisses,

I am so sorry your life had to end this way

and know I miss you every single day.


  As I sit in the window and look for your white fluff in the dark of the night

listen for your bark fighting off evil to protect your family,

I cry for all the love you gave and and the bond we shared.

You were not only my friend but you were my comfort 

you were not only a dog to me you were much more and I hope you knew.  


I was glad I had been outside with you the night before watching the stars

I know your in a wonderful place kept safe and I hope you know you were loved.

The name Orion was given to you and now has so much more meaning...keeper of the stars.  

I miss you my friend

I love you Cherie'