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The Winner of Coco's Little Angel of the Year Contest
October "2003"

"Blue, Koko And Ally "
Loved By: Jan Jones and Nancy Powell
Alabama and New York

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Week 202

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The Contestants Photos

FiNAL Vote Totals Updated
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"Kitty Dress"

Contestant 1

80 Votes


"I look sweet, but I'm not always a honey!"

Contestant 2

99 Votes

Dolly and Mr. Nibbs

Ms Snorts

Mr. Nibbs and Dolly

"Trick or Treat"

Contestant 3

254 Votes

Ms. Snorts

"A Sweet Little Witch"

Contestant 4

67 Votes

Nancy, Frankie and Joey

Mikki and Willy

Nancy, Frankie & Joey

"Wizard of Oz Kids"

Contestant 5

257 Votes

Nikki and Willy

"Duke and Dutchess"

Contestant 6

96 Votes




"Super Dog!"

Contestant 7

266 Votes



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