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A Sample Of Coco's Little Angel's Awards...

Although the awards you win are similar to these below. They are not exact. The size is larger, the frame is different, and you will find your pets name and date engraved on the Award!!

Every 10 weeks there will be a contest for all first place winners only!!! This contest will be just like the weekly.

There will be a first, second, third, fourth and fifth place winners and the rest runners up!! The first place winner will yet go on to one last contest....

The five finalists will compete in a contest during the week anniversary of this contest in October, 2001.

In this contest we will only 1 Winner..

This may sound cruel, but each contestant will get the recongition of making it this far in the race, and also will receive a web award.

"Coco's Angel Of the Year" will receive a trophy, plus a 7 x 9 Cherry Wood Picture Plaque od their pet. (See Contest page for photo)

All we ask if for a picture when our angel receives his gift so we can post it on our web site.





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