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Ask anyone, who holds the claim
to title "Man's best friend?"
Your dog's the one that you will name
In stories without end
Dogs share your sadness and your joy,
your sickness and your health.
They care not which job you employ,
They're not impressed with wealth
Dogs never ask you to do more,
nor laugh at you when you fail
They'll always greet you at the door
With a joyous wagging tail.
Dogs stay with you through
thick and thin,
they do not ask for much;
A scrap of food with love tossed in,

A gentle word or touch.
A cherished gift from Heaven
was sent to me
Coco knew that I needed Tic Tac;
To give to me the best friend I know,
love, joy and friendship

Coco's Gift Lit'l Tic Tac Bear is the name
that was chosen for my little bundle of fur on
April 30, 2000. Tic Tac as he is called was born
a St.Patricks day puppy on March 17, 2000.
I had been looking for a puppy for about a month
when I found Tic Tac, I had always said that
when I found the right puppy, my heart would
tell me so. From the moment I first saw Tic Tac
I knew that he was born to be with me. After losing
Coco, things were not easy for me. I feel in my heart that
Coco sent me a gift. A Puppy that has his personalty,
a puppy that could only love me the way he did.
So therefore,
Tic Tac was named Coco's Gift...

This Photo was made by my friend Tena When
Tic Tac started losing his baby teeth.

Tic Tac isn't spoiled, well not to bad. I would like to tell
a little about him. He is now 1 years old and an energetic
4 pounder. He knows his name, but also will come hoping
to Bubby, Baby and Pumpkin. Tic Tac's favorite things
to do is go riding in his car seat and going for walks with
my mother and I in his Peek A Bo Carrier. He does
many tricks, but my favorite is to have him pick out
his stuffed toys by name.

Tic Tac wanted me to show you that he can drive a
a Car and he has a drivers license too!

The Drivers License was made
by my friend Connie.

Please stop back by, Mommy will be adding more!

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