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Welcome to

The Fairie Land Village....

Have you ever wondered what a

fairie plays with, or what their

furniture looks like?

Now here is your chance to

see how the fairies of

"Coco's Fantasy Land" lives...

This is Nikki she will show

you around the village and

let you see some of her own

personal items.

We will begin the tour outside the village...

All the fairies enjoy making wishes at this Beautiful waterfall...

All the fairies enjoy playing in the pond

and on hot days some even go skinning dipping...

This Merry Go Round gives the

fairies hours and hours of pleasure...

The Fairies all ways makes sure that

there is plenty of food for their little feathered friends.

Meet Candi and Honey, two of our horses that hands out

flowers through out the village

The Fairies love to hang out their wash on the clothes line

and even the birds try to help...








Now for the inside of our village....

This is Baby and Sammie

the fairies kitten...

Nikki's favorite

musical insturment..

The Harp...

This is Alecia and her pet Sergi,

she is Nikki's best friend.

This is Nikki's Fairy bed.


This is a fairies dressing table.

Where Nikki spends hours trying to look her best.

Nikki's favorite wand and the dust she usues around the village

Last on our tour are two of The Fairies toys.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of the

Fantasy Land Village..

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