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Welcome to Week 298

Pets Playing In Snow!



The Winner of Coco's Little Angel of the Year Contest
October "2005"

Miss Dula
"Miss Dula"
Loved By: Darlene

Sweet Pea

SweetPea, First Place Winner of First Quarterlt the week Jan. 20, 2006



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and ends Friday at 11 PM EST/ 8 PM PST
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We Are accepting entries for our Valentine's Contest and also a Dress up Your Pets contest coming in the next few weeks. Click to here to enter!!


We will be closed next week!! We Will reopen February 6, with a New Look!!

The Contestants Photos

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"What is this White Stuff?"

Contestant 1

49 Votes


"Dylan Loving the Snow!"

Contestant 2

53 Votes

Ebony Rose


Ebony Rose

"Mommy I like to play in the Snow."

Contestant 3

64 Votes


"There is nothing better than snow!"

Contestant 4

50 Votes




"What? You're Cold?"

Contestant 5

85 Votes





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